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Appium Configuration with Visual studio for selenium C# development

Prerequisites: 1. Visual Studio Ultimate (2010 or above) (Because MSTest is present in that) 2. Android SDK For Windows (Download Link) (Website link) 3. Appium For Windows (Website Link) (Download Link) 4. A Real Android Device running Android 4.2 or Above 5. A USB Cable to attach your Android Phone to Your PC. 6. ADB Interface Drivers for your device (Link on how to get that ) (very important Step) Some Configurations for Android SDK and Appium: • When you have installed Android SDK, go to My Computer, right click, click Properties, click Advanced System Settings, and click Environment Variables. • Create a new User Variable with the name “ANDROID_HOME”. Give path to your sdk folder in the value. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk • Edit the PATH variable in “System Variable” Section. Append the path to your tools folder and platform-tools folder. Separated with “;” The paths are C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools C:\Program Files (…

How to earn money using your Software Testing expertise

How to earn money using your Software Testing expertise ?

 1. Start your Own blog ?

 Start your own blog in Blogspot or with your own Domain and write your own content  share knowledge with fellow testing community.

 Content for your blogs may create interest in fellow testers.

 write a review about the software testing tools you are using currently  .

 Or evavualate a Open source Testing Tool and give your feed back about pros and cons.

 Start writing content for Software Testing Blogs who will pay for Article also a good choice of Revenue. paying for articles who share with them

2. Become a member in UTest or 99 Tests

 Now a days with the increase of Gadgets , Mobiles, Smart TV and (IOT) Internet of things , The scope of testing  is changed .
 Companies developing Apps or specified programs for General public are relied on Crowd source companies like UTest,99 Tests etc.
 Create your own profile with all your Electronic inventory like mobiles,Tabs, Smart tv, Sma…