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Some famous quotes about Software Testing

"The last project generated a ton of paper and it was still a disaster, so this project will have to generate two tons." (Lister, DeMarco: "Peopleware")

"Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact." (Fewster, Graham: "Software Test Automation")

"To find the bugs that customers see - that are important to customers - you need to write tests that cross functional areas by mimicking typical user tasks. This type of testing is called scenario testing, task-based testing, or use-case testing." (Brian Marick)

"The more you improve the way you go about your work, the harder the work will be." (Lister, DeMarco: "Peopleware")

"Testing a product is a learning process." (Brian Marick)

"Most of us are pretty comfortable with the way we are, what we're doing and how we operate. But today the typical organization is telling the middle manager that he has to be a differen…

Istqb,cste inforamtions and training centers in India

About istqb:
The ISTQB was officially founded as an International Testing Qualifications Board in Edinburgh in November 2002 and it is responsible for the "ISTQB Certified Tester", which is an international qualification scheme.

ISTQB is the parent body responsible for approving various national boards in addition to other tasks such as defining the syllabi for various certifications.
website url: FAQ :

for examination and preparation and sample question papers available in below link

will be helpful for ISTQB

join yahoo groups:
in this group you can ask your queries about istqb examinations and certification related doubts and sample papers to certified level and advance level question keep on raised by members.

ISTQB-India@ yahoogroups. com

CSTE information:

QAI, India, the premier knowledge corporation in the software engineerin…