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Today i received a mail containing this above image , from one of my Friend Who is working for IBM. i tried to find the Origin of this cartoon but can't make it, so i thought of promoting for the creativity of the cartoonist. Hope you People Like it.

Designing Test Cases

Designing Test Cases
A test case is a detailed procedure that fully tests a feature or an aspect of a feature. Whereas the test plan describes what to test, a test case describes how to perform a particular test. You need to develop a test case for each test listed in the test plan. A test case includes:The purpose of the test.
Special hardware requirements, such as a modem.
Special software requirements, such as a tool.
Specific setup or configuration requirements.
A description of how to perform the test.
The expected results or success criteria for the test.
Test cases should be written by a team member who understands the function or technology being tested, and each test case should be submitted for peer review.

Organizations take a variety of approaches to documenting test cases; these range from developing detailed, recipe-like steps to writing general descriptions. In detailed test cases, the steps describe exactly how to perform the test. In descriptive test cases, the tester dec…

Regression testing Introduction

Regression testing is any type of software testing which seeks to uncover regression bugs. Regression bugs occur whenever software functionality that previously worked as desired, stops working or no longer works in the same way that was previously planned. Typically regression bugs occur as an unintended consequence of program changes.Common methods of regression testing include re-running previously run tests and checking whether previously fixed faults have re-emerged.
Types of RegressionLocal - changes introduce new bugs.Unmasked - changes unmask previously existing bugs.Remote - Changing one part breaks another part of the program. For example, Module A writes to a database. Module B reads from the database. If changes to what Module A writes to the database break Module B, it is remote regression.There's another way to classify regression.New feature regression - changes to code that is new to release 1.1 break other code that is new to release 1.1.Existing featu…

Tips to Reach Six Sigma