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testing advanced interview questions

Gray Box Testing
Definition: Gray Box testing refers to the technique of testing a system with limited knowledge of the internals of the system. Gray Box testers have access to detailed design documents with information beyond requirement documents. Gray Box tests are generated based on information such as state-based models or architecture diagrams of the target system.

So typically we can say that the Gray box testing technique is a combination of both Black box and white box testing (Partially) technique.

Gray box testing is nothing but combination of both black box and
white box testing. For this tester should have knowledge of both
internal and external knowledge of logic.

what are the Essential Documents require to write manual test cases ?

-Requirement Documents
-Use Case Documents
-Any previously written test cases on eairlier
-User manuals if any
-Walkthrough notes etc.

what i CAR in testing?

CAR stands for Causal Analysis Resolution.Causal Analysis and Resolution tool is a defec…